Desi Radio

Welcome to, your one-stop website for listening to live radio stations from around the world - thanks for stopping by!

The motivation for creating this website are numerous:

  • I like to listen songs while working and I hate to choose what I want to listen. I like the randonmess these radio stations provide.

  • Most of the radio stations provide links that pop up Windows Media Player (WMP) and thats annoying, I would like to listen the songs on the broswer itself, hence I have embedded the link within the page.

  • I work at different locations, hence I dont have to carry MP3s around with me.

  • Sometimes I do not have the latest songs.

  • Sometimes I do not know what the latest songs are.

The stations you will find on our website will be genuine, proper radio stations which can be heard on a normal radio. Another definition is "a communication system based on broadcasting electromagnetic waves". Finally, I hope you enjoy the songs.